Legacy Property in 看中國

Oct 17, 2013

China Vision Times 看中國 / 12 October 2013

‘Another local developer, Legacy Group is one the beneficiaries from this heat wave. The CEO of Legacy Group Matthew Hyder said to the author that the new development in Bondi Junction – Capitol – created a record : 91 apartments were sold in one day, 80% of the buyers were Chinese, and majority of these investors are currently living in Sydney. MONTROSE project in North Sydney attracted around 30% of Chinese buyers among all the buyers.  Hyder emphasized that the part of reason why Chinese buyers dominate purchases is that the overseas market has not been explored and developed. This practice is actually company’s next move. Hyder also said that Chinese buyers pay great attention on location, they would prefer the apartments located in CBD due to its convenience on transportation, facilities and education. Compare to the local buyers, Chinese buyers easily accept the concept of off-the-plan, plus they concern the room for value increase, rather than rental return. Project Capitol is the great example to prove this idea. The success of the project is due to the significant location which cannot be ignored. It is close to Bondi Beach and Westfield Shopping Centre. Although, at the current stage, the rental return is estimated at 3.5%, not really attractive, the potential can still be sensed due to the scarcity of location and development.’

Hyder’s also believes that the [current property] boom will to improve local infrastructure, promoting high-density residential project is a healthy boost. Due to strong demand, will push developers and the government to increase development efforts in this regard. He believes that as long as China continues to increase immigration trends hold, this strong demand for home ownership will be maintained, in large part, and Chinese people like real estate investment and a strong propensity for.’

‘另一家本地开发商Legacy Group也是这股置业潮的最显着受益者之一。该公司总裁海德尔(Matthew Hyder)告诉本报记者,公司今年在悉尼Bondi Junction 的Capital公寓项目创下了一天中销售91套楼花的记录,其中80%为中国买家,大多数是生活在澳洲的投资者。公司在北悉尼的Montrose公寓大 约吸引了三成的中国买家。海德尔说,本地华裔买家占主导,部份原因是公司尚未开展系统的海外推广,而这正是公司下一步的主要计划之一。

‘Legacy Group的海德尔也透露,他即将于11月份前往北京和上海,打算到中国本土开展项目推介。’

海德尔表示,中国买家最看重的是地段。喜欢市区公寓,要求交通便捷、设施齐备和学校, 和当地买家相比,对楼花的接受程度更高,而且他们更看重增值空间,而不是租金回报。Capital 项目就是最好的证明。该项目的成功之处在于其不可复制的地段优势,靠近海滩和Westfield购物中心。尽管从目前看租金回报仅3.5%,并不是十分吸 引人,但由于其地段和开发的稀缺性决定了其增值潜力。’